Welcome to the San Luis Obispo (CA) Branch of AAUW!

Join us for our May meeting

This will be a virtual “Zoom” meeting.

You can join from the comfort and safety of your home.

When: Monday, May 10th, 7:00 pm

       Meet our High School Scholarship Recipients

Not quite Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom 
     As the person responsible for arranging our monthly Branch meeting speakers, I’ve tried to have programs that are informative and interesting. The April speakers, Kathy Duncan and Virginia Flaherty, were from the Pacific Wildlife Care Foundation. One of the things they mentioned was that if you had an injured animal and called SLO Animal Control, that the animal would probably be euthanized because Animal Control was not in the rehab business. They emphasized that the public should reach out and call PWC’s hot-line (805-543-9453) to report injured animals. Just three days after their presentation, I found myself on the phone with their hot-line.
     There was a Jay that had been in our backyard on the ground for two days. He was hopping around but didn’t fly off even if you got within a few feet of him. He didn’t look injured but I know that wild animals will hide an injury if they can so they don’t look vulnerable. Since this was day two of this strange behavior, I decided to call the PWC hot-line.
     The volunteer manning the hot-line listened to my description of how the bird was behaving and said that it should be brought into the center and asked if I felt comfortable doing that. I said, I would try and she explained how to prepared the box to put the bird in, gave me directions to the center and would alert them that I would be bringing the bird in. She did offer to try and find someone to come and help me if needed, but I told her I would try to capture the bird myself.
     Catching the bird was easier said then done. It involved the bird going under the deck to hide, or even running under the fence into the neighbor’s yard at one point. Just then, my husband arrived home and we were able to tag team and corner the bird behind the neighbor’s house where I grabbed it with a towel.
     With the bird in the box, I sped off for Morro Bay. I was rehearsing in my mind what I would say to the Highway Patrol officer if I got pulled over for speeding. Fortunately, I made it to the Center without encountering red flashing lights! I was next in line after a woman who had brought an injured hawk in from Paso Robles. I was impressed that they caught a hawk, when I had so much trouble with the Jay.
     The worker at the Center had you fill out an intake form while they took the bird into the center. The form asked for contact information and where and when you found the animal, etc. I thought it was interesting that on the form they asked if you were interested in being a volunteer and if you wanted to make a donation to the Center. That seemed to be smart marketing on their part. I told them that I would be making a donation on their website (www. Pacificwildlifecare.org).
     So, the moral of this story is, come to our monthly meetings. You never know what useful information you may learn.
     Our May meeting should be exciting. We will be inviting all of the girls who received our High School Scholarships in 2021. We hope to hear where they plan to attend school, what they might be studying, and what it’s been like to go through their Senior year in the time of Covid. Please join us May 10th at 7pm to see where some of your fund-raising dollars go. Look for your evite as we get closer to the date.

 The San Luis Obispo branch was organized in 1943 and has been a vital part of the community for over 75 years.

The branch was instrumental in the creation of Mission Plaza and the Art Center of San Luis Obispo.  We also initiated Art Park, a summer arts program for children, and were founding members of the SLO County Women’s Legacy Fund.  We continue to sponsor candidates’ and issue forums.

Today the branch consists of more than 60 women from varied backgrounds who promote the Association’s goals.

Our current community actions include:

    • Tech Trek:  is a math and science camp for middle school girls
    • Adopt-a-Poll: staffing a voting site during elections
    • San Luis Obispo High School Scholarships: our branch raises money to provide scholarships for college-bound high school girls.
    • Scholarship & Loan Committee: was created to assist re-entry students at Cuesta College. The Committee is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
    • Support for the Educational Foundation: Provides fellowships and grants to women for graduate study and community action
    • Support for Legal Advocacy Fund: Provides support for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination in academia and the workplace
    • Friends of the Library/AAUW In-School Reading Program: Volunteers read with children in a classroom setting to provide literacy experiences that encourage, support, and celebrate children’s efforts to learn to read.

Branch meetings are generally held once a month on either Monday evening or Saturday during the day at various locations around town. These monthly programs provide opportunities for members to discuss and learn about critical issues affecting women and the community.  For more details on upcoming programs please see the programs page. All meetings are open to the public. If you would like to talk to a branch representative before attending a meeting, please feel free to contact us.

We also have a variety of special interest groups you may enjoy.  These include two bridge groups, two book clubs, craft group, hiking, and dining out.  Please join us!

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